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“Human Growth Hormone (HGH): Only for athletes?”

Human growth hormone, commonly referred to as HGH, is constantly in the news. It seems every day there is some new athlete the media is blasting for using the performance enhancing substance. Why are so many athletes using hgh? The answer is quite simple - they know it works!

As we age, our human growth hormone levels decrease. Many in the medical community now see the decrease of this substance in your body as one of the key reasons for aging and everything that goes along with it - decreases in muscle mass, increases in fat, increases in wrinkles (reduced strength of the skin) and so on.

Naturally, if the decrease in hgh on our bodies may cause these effects, the question is, if we can increase the level of human growth hormone in our bodies can we reverse, or at least slow down, these aging processes?

For many thousands of people today, the answer is a resounding yes. However, everything is not as clear as can be, especially on the Internet.

For example, the scientific studies on human growth hormone are all done using true hgh that is injected. This can only be bought with a doctor's prescription. This is the kind the athletes have been using to reap such significant performance improvements.

However, many hgh sellers on the internet offer products that are not true hgh and that are not injected directly into the bloodstream! Rather, these sprays and pills are intended to help the body produce more hgh on its own - rather than a direct injection of the substance itself. In other words, a more natural process.

In addition, the cost of these sprays and pills are only 10% of true hgh, don't require a prescription, and are easy to obtain. The results also tend to be quite good. Certainly people have much better results with a "hgh releaser" than with any other standard supplement available, such as multivitamins or other herbal remedies. Indeed these hgh releasers are really an all in one product intended to help the body in its entirety.

When you're looking to take the plunge and see what excellent supplements these products can be, take a look at our recommended hgh product first.

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Please note: When choosing a HGH product, it is recommended that you purchase at least 3 months worth of the product. This is to make sure your body has time to adapt to and take advantage of the increase in human growth hormone in your body. Taking HGH for a shorter period of time is not recommended as you will not give yourself the full chance to benefit from the supplement.

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